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Cricket Clash

Cricket Clash is a epic cricket strategy card game where users collect cards, build stadiums and battle opponents. The game is more about strategy and skills than hitting and tapping. Take on the world as a successful cricket manager.

Ayodhya: The Sacred Path

In the game, you are a disciple of Lord Ram, going on an exciting journey through ancient India to find him. The game's levels are generated by AI, so every play is different, and you need to figure out ways to get past challenges.

Tube Runner

Tube Runner is a thrilling mobile game where you run through a world full of obstacles, jumping and dodging to stay ahead. It's fast and colorful, with lots of levels that get harder as you go. You collect coins and power-ups to do better.



Cricinshots, was a cricket web3 game with an open economy, where users could assume roles like gamer, trader, investor etc. The game was built for Solana, Polygon and Shardeum. It was killed due to lack of PMF and Web3 adoption.

Explore Weganomics

Weganomics is a blockchain powered tokenomics model, that we built based on Tegronomics by Tegro. This model was used for one of our previous games and is built to be integrated in any open economy game. We ended up killing that game, but Weganomics has future potential.

1Club Community

veni, lusi, vici 🏆. 1club is a gaming community which we tried building where built games with our community and & hosted epic online & IRL gaming events

In the News

Invited on Economic Times Prime time to talk about our previous game Cricinshots, gaming, Web3 gaming and how to build a good game.